Artist Statement

Dawn posters

We were asked to create two posters associated with the word “Dawn.” I thought about what “Dawn” meant and how it wasn’t just the beginning of the day but the beginning of other things. ­My posters are representing the beginning of a brief and playful journey on an arcade ride.


The style I wanted to go with was vintage arcade games merged with carnivals. I was experimenting with appearance of the arcade rides. I thought it could’ve had more feel to show how it had rusted over time to go with the theme of retro and vintage. I placed an orange rust on the blue ride and it was looked like a ride that lived its full life.


All the elements of the posters were painted and then scanned in. My typography was hand painted and then simply scanned in and placed on top, this looked too hand made so I cleaned up the edges in Photoshop. After doing that I became aware that I didn’t want a tarnished rustic ride that looked like it had been abandoned. I wanted a shiny inviting ride to go with the new type. My typography was inspired by the arcade game “Asteroids.” Sketching a similar typeface to the “Asteroids Deluxe” in terms of composition and using colours I saw paired together quite often at the carnival. The typography became a bright shiny stamp that helped the direction of the art style. I then realised I didn’t want to include a rustic feel within the posters so removed that element. After doing that it became less stressful balancing it all out. I wanted the poster to have texture and I tried to do that with traditional techniques like using dry brushes. After scanning it in my paintings I had to clean up the edges in Photoshop using the brush tools while also making sure I was using pantones so I could have extremely vibrant colours.  I chose to give the rides a white outline so they could stand out with the background and not get lost in it. In my research lots of video game typefaces had white outlines, I think for boldness and to contrast with the dark backgrounds.


My original idea had light beams coming from the rides but I felt that was more galactic which wasn’t what I was going for. I also thought the light beams didn’t compliment the painting in the centre and looked like an advertisement. I wanted the background to have flashes of colour to show how it could transport you while you’re on the ride, as if you were travelling through time.


The red rocket ride has chequered wings to go with the retro feel and the type was placed down the sides to create a border but also to replicate the video games that have type scrolling on screen continuously. The placement of the red rides was to show you how afterwards you may be a little dizzy and start having double vision. The blue ride has “start” placed in the centre behind the ride then flipped vertically and horizontally so they’re hiding.  ­



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